David Mowbray - Senior Manager based at Loughborough

Data Manager

David Mowbray

e. david.mowbray@duntop.co.uk

t. 01529 303773

Sleaford Office

What is your role?

As Data Manager my role involves analysing information which is held in the electronic systems that Duncan & Toplis uses, creating reports to answer questions and improve efficiency.

Working across all D&T offices helping team members with processes and getting to grips with technology.

What else are you involved with?

Having being appointed as Data Protection Officer for Duncan & Toplis I am heavily involved in the preparations of getting D&T ready for the launch of the General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR).

With background in IT support and electronic communications my role also involves being a point of contact and liaison with our IT support services DATCOM.

What interests do you have outside of work?

Anything involving water – Windsurfing, Sailing, Jet skiing, Powerboating, Wakeboarding and Water skiing.

Director of Lincolnshire 4x4 Response, a charitable organisation which has been set up to support the emergency services in the event of extreme weather conditions.

Tae Kwon Do Instructor at Lincs TKD, running a Wednesday night club in Leasingham, teaching a modern martial art and self-defence.

Now a member of Sleaford Striders hoping to improve my running distance and stamina enough to run the ‘Rat Race’ in May.

What is your favourite...

Holiday destination? Cyprus
Gadget? Apple watch
Book? When the Lion Feeds (Wilbur Smith)