Why Make a Will?

Making a Will is a simple way anyone in England and Wales can use their fundamental rights to pass on their property and wealth to whomever they wish on death.

Not all countries allow their citizens the basic human right to decide who benefits after their death. One question that often puzzles us is: why, when we are so proud of our democracy and freedoms in the United Kingdom, do less than 40% of adults make a Will?

Research shows that there are many answers to this question, some of which are below.

  • Making a Will could tempt fate and bring death earlier. 
  • A mistaken belief that your closest loved ones will inherit after death anyway.  
  • Wills are only for the rich and famous.
  • It won’t matter when I’m gone.
  • My family knows what I want and I trust them to follow my wishes.
  • I just don’t want to think about dying.

Any of these thoughts are understandable but when balanced against the cost, both financial and emotional, of not leaving an up to date Will, and the effect that this can have on your estate and your loved ones, most people agree that making a Will and making life easier for those that are left after your death is well worth doing and gives you peace of mind.   After all, death will come to us all in the end.

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